We like to get our hands dirty by hitting keys. From keyprojects to keyboards. No task is to small. No task is to big. The path to to future can be a wobbly ride. Let us be your guide. Do not fear, we are here!

Wat can we do for you?

Thanks to experience of over 10 years in various areas, we can deliver expertise in building websites and applications ranging from small to enterprise level systems.

We are great at thinking of new ways to keep your customers and workforce happy. We love to automate things.

We do this with a variety of tools and technology stacks that are mainly but not only focused around the Java programming language.

Choose the right tool for a job, but also choose the right people. That's one step closer to a solution.


Balder VC

What is he saying about himself:

Lately most projects involve restservices, (macro and micro), webservices and yes you hear it coming ... Angular. Traditional RDBMS system like PostGreSQL, NoSQL solutions like mongodb and indexers like Elastic Search.

I have a mighty interest in replacing myself with automated things! It's great to leave a place knowing that you do so because all you did was thriving to replace the need for yourself and succeeded in that. Whilst also having fun in it. Being serious and dedicated go hand in hand with having a good laugh once a while!

Things I believe are important, job wise that is:
Test, test, test. The TDD way of working is great. Short iterations of work are great! Kanban is great. Communicating is great. Inventing a wheel is great, but when it has been done and proven to work, we should not do it again although 'Gone where no coder has gone before is awesome. Reach for the stars!' A good requirement is worth a lot but change is part of everything.

Stuff I love. My kids. Java, Java and more Java (8). Parallelism, automation, Jenkins, Linux, occasionally write stuff for my own blog, wrote some for RebelLabs to, cooking stuff (be it code or food) and reading a good book or experiment with new and old technologies. NOT Struts, JSP or JSF rather Swing, JavaFX, rather JAX-RS then JAX-WS, Servlets 3.0 and beyond, I'm not scared of the whole Spring stack. And I love continuous deployment!

Tech List

Over the cause of years the techstack grows. We are most accustomed to Java based technologies & architectural design, Agile Methodologies, but not only those. Here is a list of some things we are currently most used to work with.

  • Java, preferably 8 (but who doens't want that)
  • Spring Framework
  • Angular JS
  • HTML5
  • KISS
  • Twitter Bootstrap
  • Jenkins CI
  • PostrgreSQL
  • MongoDB
  • Tomcat
  • TDD
  • Linux, Debian and RedHat based distros.
  • The whole Atlassian stack, athough we like other alternatives to their products also.


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